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Entering new facts in fact editor can break the graphic model


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      Reported By: sw_engineer
      Created: 2007-02-09 15:16:00
      Description: The fact editor is great. So is the graphic orm that gets built either by entering facts or connecting tool icons.

      But I notice a subtle interaction as I go through the tutorials in the PPT's.

      If I have selected a predicate icon in the ORM graphic page and then enter a new fact in the fact editor the program, in essence, overwrites the predicate that already exists. After this behavior occurs it will appear that I have a fact in the fact editor that is not represented in the graphic ORM anymore, even though it was there before.

      Steps to take to observe this behavior:

      1) In the fact editor type a fact like
      Task(id) starts on Date(mdy) and press control-enter.

      2) Using your mouse, select the predicate icon in the graphic orm panel, like you would if you were going to move the predicate icon.

      3) Go back to the fact editor and type a fact like
      Time(stamp) flies like an Arrow(size) and press control-enter.

      Now in the ORM graphic panel you should observe that there only appears to be one predicate even though the fact editor shows two. It will appear that the second sentence overwrote the first predicate.

      The cognitive problem, for the user, is he/she isn't alerted to the apparent disappearance of the first fact (or predicate) from the diagram. There is no warning, there is no delete or change confirmation dialog.

      So in practice, if I'm creating a model and going back and forth between the fact editor and the diagram, moving things around, alternating with adding new facts, I can end up with, fairly easily, a list of facts in the fact editor that are not reflected in the diagram. And unless I'm watching closely, I'm going to miss this divergence between the diagram and the list of facts.

      Should be easy to fix.

      I love this tool.





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