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Serious correctness issues in generated SQL


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      Reported By: cjheath
      Created: 2007-04-23 13:36:43
      Last Modified: 2007-04-23 16:13:56
      Description: I'm using the generated SQL Server code from the Orienteering model (this version is revised from the one posted in a previous bug report) and there are numerous things that either don't run (incorrect SQL) or are just logical errors. Some of the things I've seen are:

      * Value constraints are named the same on every instance of the value type (this is illegal in SQL Server),

      * Role names sometimes get used, and sometimes not, in generating names of fields, with the result that foreign key constraints refer to fields that don't exist in the DDL,

      * NOT NULL fields are declared as such, but not NULL fields, even though the default can be changed,

      * Extenal uniqueness constraints are generated incorrectly. For example:

      Entrant has exactly one GivenName
      Team is a subclass of Entrant
      Competitor is a subclass of Entrant
      Competitor has exactly one FamilyName
      (Entrant.GivenName, Competitor.FamilyName) is unique.

      Because Competitor is absorbed into Entrant, the uniqueness
      constraint can be declared as a Unique constraint (but see below),
      however it's actually generated as a UC across *just* the FamilyName
      field, which is quite wrong.

      * Unique constraints across more than one column are generated
      assuming the wrong semantics for nullable fields. SQL Server only
      allows one instance of a NULL, not any number.

      At least some of these errors are not just SQL Server issues, but logical errors in the absorption process.




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